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It gives me a crazy pleasure when an amateur plays or sings on my little music, orchestra or piano! And I’ve been thinking for a long time that it should be shared. I am thinking among others (but not only) of weddings where cousin Jenny makes everyone cry by singing beautifully, although her little knotted throat, an Ave Maria on Yoursolo backing track. Real life, that’s it. So send the videos! By "Contact", send me the files or indicate to me the links (Youtube, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, ...) of your performances. Thank you - Yvon
Here is Olivier performing (wonderfully) the Cold genius song by Purcell on yoursolo accompaniment.
Mozart - Adagio from concerto N° 23 K 488 in A
Thanks to Christophe for this so languid adagio, Too bad he did not have an accomplice to launch the playback after he had freely played the introduction : )
G. Fauré - Elégie (Violoncelle)
You’re gonna hear that I’m the amateur by definition...
I only have audio, I’m making a video soon. Yvon
G. Fauré -Elegie -Yvon -
Telalit CD.jpg
Telalit, a brilliant Israeli cellist (and singer) living in Croatia, recorded Max Bruch’s Kol Nidrei with yoursolo accompaniment. Well, her staff  re-compressed my MP3, One can hear it a bit... Backing track to be found on the cello page.
BruchKolNidrei - Telalit
S. Rachmaninov - Piano concerto Nr 2 - Adagio sostenuto (extrait) Seong Hui KIM (Korea) gave me the pleasure of playing (on sight!) this famous adagio on Yoursolo​accompaniment (to download on the Piano page).
March 2017. My friend Mary made me the pleasure of recording on Yoursolo accompaniments famous tunes (you can find all these accompaniments through the "chose your voice") page.
- Bach/Gounod Ave Maria:
- Domine Deus from Vivaldi's Gloria:
AveMaryGounod : ) -
DomineDeusMary : ) -
- Schubert's Ave Maria :
AveMarySchubert : ) -
- By Haendel, the so famous 
Ombra Mai fu :
OmbraMaryFu : ) -
- Bizet, Pearlfishers, Je crois l'entendre encore (not common by a girl! )
JeCroisEntendreMary : ) -
- César Franck, so brilliant Panis Angelicus (not common once more by a girl! ). 
PanisAngelMary : ) -
J.S. Bach- Aria en Dm BWV 1068 - My friend Christian Mornet, wonderful pianist and keys player made me honour to record this famous piece. He used the sound of Picolo trumpet by Sample Modeling on a keybord controled by the Breath controller by TEControl. Strings accompaniment to download on the Various instruments page.
Beethoven - Romance in F Op 50 for violin and orchestra - January 2021 - Along a Yoursolo backing track, Mike Hsu performs this wonderful piece during a streaming concert from Portland, Oregon, for benefit of a food bank in this town. Thank you so much, Mike !  Accompaniment on the violin page.
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