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Instructions for use

■ Sing along the long free demos (please connect your computer to a good sound system or use headphones).
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■ Pay 3 euros (approx. 4 USD) by MP3 on the secure Paypal's website, by Paypal account or credit card,
     in your own currency, worlwide.

■ You immediately will receive the download link for your MP3 and a confirmation email valid 30 days.
■ In case of unlikely problem, a message by "Contact" and I send you the file(s) within 24 hours.

Orchestra or piano backing tracks for voices

Accompagnements pour basses.jpg
Accompagnements pour ténor

 Bass and baryton


Accompagnements pour soprani, mezzo et contreténor
Accompagnements pour chorales

  Soprano, mezzo
      and counter-tenor


All mp3 : 3.00 €
(any currency)
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