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Sorry if you did not find a file for your instrument. My purpose is to propose, in a  medium term, pieces for all instruments and voices. Come back from time to time!

How do I choose works?
I naturally,limit myself to the public domain (editions before 1920).
For the beginning of Yoursolo (summer 2009), I chosed the most famous works and composers, the most played and sung ones. I also tried to propose pieces of easy, medium, and high level for each instrument. I want to propose in the long run more rare parts. Moreover, for variation or loss of tempo reasons, I cannot work on pieces with more than 2 to 3 measures of integral solo (for example most of the great romantic concertos for piano and others).

Can you burn an audio CD with Yoursolo files?
Burn a data CD to play your files on another computer or as a gift.
To burn an audio CD, you must first convert your . mp3 files to . wav or .aiff. You can download a free mp3>wav converter from many websites (search: "mp3 to wav").
If you need optimal quality, I can send you a CD with the . original wav (40 to 150 MB); send me an email, by "Contact".
Keep in mind that using a CD player, you’re switching from computer data... to mechanics. So you may lose the original chord of the pieces (A 440), and you may have to change the tune of your instrument (not easy with a grand piano!).

You want to work at a slower tempo or a different tone?
Cause of respect for the composers, I do not want to propose on Yoursolo tempi very far from the original or different tones ( The willingly cranky Father Bach would not have liked!)
But in the privacy of your living room, you can! Search the web for "change tempo" or "change pitch": You will find lots of freewares able to do this (check that they accept mp3).

Ask for your favorite work!
Use the opposite form, indicate the title and the composer of the piece. Provided the driver is still published, I will work for you as soon as possible (and others...). It will cost you 3 euros:)
Remember also that I cannot work on works with more than 2 or 3 measurements of integral solo (loss of tempo, the orchestra Yoursolo... does not hear you!).
Finally, I only work on works from public domain (in general, published before 1920).

Request for pieces, question or claim

Thanks for your message!

Rights and copyright
I do not, of course, own these wonderful works from public domain: you can do whatever you want with the files you bought as long as you use them as accompaniment to your own performances: recordings, videos, podcast, ... You can then even sell them
But you cannot exchange, give or sell the original Yoursolo files. Of course, you can give a file to your girl/boy friend playing the same instrument as you. But don’t share your files with a large audience! I work alone, site and music, and I need to eat every day, just like you. I hope you have a real pleasure to play or sing along my accompaniments and to always find new ones on this site.
And 3 euros/4 USD are not much (euh, for some of us...). If you play this music and live in a country where 3 euros/4 USD, is a lot... an e-mail (by "Contact") and I send you, with pleasure, your file, for free.


Site creator and tracks producer

Yvon Body
15 rue de la Chantelle
63450 Saint-Saturnin
+33 (0) 674 84 05 64

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